History of our house

We are happy to welcome you in our bed and breakfast inn.

Our house in "Pokau 24" was bought by Kajetan Schoißwohl in the year 1891.

Back then mainly waggoners came in our house to drink something and to feed their horses. Most of the time they drank must which was produced by farmers in our region. Must is an alcoholic beverage which can be afforded by everyone.

Our ancestors lived from a small farm (3 cows, 2 horses and 3 pigs) from serving drinks (mostly must) and from waggoners since there weren´t many cars around back then so people and material were transportet by horses.

Thanks to the upswing in the 50s more and more guests came to the Ötscherland to make holidays. We expanded our house and built new guest rooms. This trend continued till the 70s but then the austrians rather made holidays in italy.

Due to a major regional exhibition in 1991 and the fall of the borders in our northern neighbour countries and in the east the Ötscherland became a holiday trend again. The need for accommodation rose in summer and in winter thanks to the ski regions Hochkar and Lackenhof.

In 1993 we decided to change our business into a bed and breakfast inn and created modern guest rooms and flats with love.